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What Do Empaths, Intuitives, Psychics, Channelers, Mediums, And Energy Healers Have in Common?

Empaths, intuitives, psychics, channelers, mediums, and energy healers all have something in common: they have a heightened sense of and connection with something beyond the normal plane of existence. While each of these has unique experiences and traits in its own right, there is a common trend of characteristics that can help you point one out, whether it’s yourself or someone else you know.

Being an empath, medium, or other types of energy intuitive can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you have access to knowledge that others can only dream of. On the other hand, that knowledge can be a burden. Many times, that person is not even aware that their abilities are abnormal and do not know how to deal with them.

To better understand what it is to be an empath, psychic, energy healer, and more, read about these common traits!

1.   Being Deeply Connected with the Other

The most common trait among those who have heightened senses of energy and the Universe is the ability to become deeply connected in a supernatural way to the “Other.” In this section, we’re vague about the “Other” because there are so many different types of empaths and intuitives. While the traditional way to think about these people with heightened senses is to think about them in relation to other humans, that’s not always the case! The “Other” that they are deeply connected with could be the spiritual world or even Earth itself.

For example, there are “dream empaths” who can dream vividly of visits from otherworldly beings, sometimes Spirit Guides, who can deliver knowledge to the empath to help them overcome obstacles or handle issues in their waking lives. These empaths take advantage of sleep’s ability to lower the Ego and allow feelings and thoughts to run wild and free. With the Ego lowered, an empath’s mind is about to get in touch with knowledge beyond themselves.

Another example is Earth empaths who are deeply connected to the planet. The growth, struggles, and regular cycles of the earth profoundly affect the empath, as they can feel all that is happening to the planet. These empaths can sense weather patterns, ocean tides, and destructive climate events. They are also much more prone to afflictions such as seasonal affective disorder since they rely so much on the patterns of the planet to sustain them.

Beyond empaths, energy healers are deeply connected to the flow of energy in the universe and can use this sense to pinpoint issues with energy. If there are imbalances in energy, the energy healer can diagnose this and help to resolve that imbalance. Mediums are deeply connected to the world beyond the physical and can connect those physically living on this plane to those who have moved on to a new stage of life.

Overall, if you or someone you know is deeply connected beyond the normal levels to other people, living things, or beyond, then they are definitely a form of empath or intuitive.

2.   Feeling Drained or Wanting to Tune Out

While being able to deeply connect with others is a great talent and gift, it can also burden the person heavily. For many of us, it is a struggle enough to deal with our own internal monologue and emotions alone. For empaths, intuitives, psychics, and more, their thoughts and emotions are constantly in a battle for attention with the thoughts and emotions of the “Other.” Dealing with all these extra feelings and thoughts can be extremely draining, and many people with heightened senses like this attempt almost anything to tune out that noise.

As a result, it’s commo to find empaths and intuitives who are addicts, alcoholics, or prone to vices like smoking and drinking too much caffeine. They may be constantly looking for stimulants to keep them functioning through their life or always drowning out the world with substances that can numb them.

If you or someone you love are experiencing these struggles, it’s important to talk to someone, especially a professional, so that you can make sure your vices and addictions do not take over your life or lead to something worse. Please take care of yourself.

3.   Vivid Night and Day Dreams

Dream empaths pull their power and knowledge from dreams, but all other types of empaths and intuitives also are prone to vivid dreaming at night and during the day. Many will believe they are just under a lot of stress, subconsciously coping with repressed feelings, or have a wild imagination, but these dreams are more than just dreams for those with heightened senses.

If you’re claircognizant, you know things that otherwise you’d never know. This knowledge can come to you in daydreams or in your sleep. Many times, this is shaken off as a coincidence, but these dreams can often be visions of the future or what’s happening to someone else at that moment. If you’re a psychic, channeler, or medium, dreams could be your way of intuiting what other worlds are telling you, such as messages from those who have passed on or from divine beings.

Those who recognize and embrace these messages from dreams can harness their power and pass on those messages to others. As you develop your abilities, you’ll be able to be more active in those dreams, interact with other beings, and come to understand for whom those messages are meant.

4.   You Have Inexplicable Emotions and Thoughts

Have you ever had an intrusive thought? Have you ever suddenly gotten anxious or angry for no reason? These types of inexplicable feelings and thoughts are likely due to being an empath or medium of some kind. It’s very possible that these thoughts and feelings aren’t your own, but from others around you.

If you’re an empath, you might be experiencing the feelings of others near you or with which you have a close relationship. Earth empaths might also experience feelings related to what the planet is feeling. Psychics and mediums might be receiving messages from other worlds in the form of feelings and thoughts. If you’re an energy healer, you might be feeling the imbalance of energy in a location or another person.

Developing your skills means you’ll be better able to pinpoint the source of these feelings and thoughts so that you can better tend to them. You can use these insights to build better relationships or help others who might not be willing to ask for help.

5.   Constant Deja Vu and Coincidences

People who frequently experience “deja vu” feel like they remember something happening before it happened. It might be that you experienced that situation or person in a dream and now that dream is becoming real, or it’s possible that you had subconsciously predicted this event and are now experiencing it in real-time. Frequently having this feeling is an indicator that you are in touch with the Universe in a way that others aren’t: you have knowledge that you shouldn’t have, and developing this awareness can help you more easily and accurately predict events.

Similarly, people who have heightened senses might often experience frequent “coincidences” that aren’t really coincidences. If they haven’t accepted their skills yet, they might believe that these occurrences just happen to be and weren’t caused by their supernatural ability to predict or intuit knowledge. Maybe, last minute, you decided to pack a bathing suit for a trip to snowy mountains and you don’t know why, but when you arrive, you find out there are hot springs! “What a coincidence,” you think. Nope! On some level, you received knowledge that other people wouldn’t have.


As a human being, you are the embodiment of love. As an empath, intuitive, medium, or more, you have the ability to deeply connect with others – so OWN IT!

You are a beautiful Living Being filled with light and love, born from stardust. You are unlimited potential in every direction. With a focus on discipline, virtue, and your own goodness, you can become as expanded and liberated as you desire.

Pray for others and the Universe prays for us.


There is no “Other.” There is only you experiencing yourself.

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