FAQ - The Shankara Experience


Who is Shankara for?

Shankara is for everyone regardless of religion, background, occupation, or specific spiritual orientation. The main tenet of Shankara is that we are all divine Beings of light and love. No matter where you are on your journey, you always have the option to choose to deepen your understanding of yourself and the Universe. Shankara is there for you at every stage of your journey

Is it difficult to learn to play Shankara?

Not at all. Shankara is a rich experience, but it is simple to play. 

All you need to do to play Shankara is to choose a few stones from the bag, shake them in your hands and throw them on the board. Arrows will point you toward symbols on the board relevant to your question. Stone symbols will give you additional guidance. The guidance channelled for the stones and symbols on the board is included in the Shankara Book of Meanings. Various tips and hints on how to play are included with the board. 

The oracle board is based on a simple ancient practice of casting stones. Ancient healers, shamans, wizards, prophets used crystals, runes or other kind of stones to draw wisdom about their circumstances based on the positioning of the stones and their symbols.

Do I need to worry about protection/inviting unwanted spirits when I play Shankara?

Not at all. This is not similar at all with an Ouija board experience. Shankara was channelled as a high-frequency portal to help you connect with high-vibration energies. You should always protect yourself and your energy, but Shankara will only attract positive aspects toward you.

Do I use the three oracle decks together with the board?

Yes, the oracle decks are meant to be placed on the board. However, you can also use the oracle decks separately alongside your usual decks. Or you can replace them with oracle decks of your choice according to your intentions for the reading.

How long does shipping take?

It depends on when you order Shankara. At this time, we are busy making sure Shankara is perfect. It will be ready for shipping in April, and it might take up to two months for you to receive Shankara.

What if I need to make any changes to my order, like change my shipping address?

We got you!  Just let us know as soon as possible using the Contact form on the web site  and we will make sure everything is correct.

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