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The Shankara Master Course (100+ videos)

This profound and life-changing course includes:
  • Over 100  videos to help you awaken your inner master, heal deeply to your core, and help you offer divine and healing guidance through Shankara oracle and other types of healing, divination, and prediction sessions.
  • Rituals and ceremonies to help you heal and illuminate
  • Worksheets to inspired deep work within
  • Helpful resources for your journey ahead

If you apply yourself during the course, you will:

    Learn to master EVERY aspect of your life
    Build a strong spiritual foundation & routine
    Overcome new-age hype to truly heal yourself
    Deepen your understanding of Self and others
    Take your intuitive and healing abilities to the next level
    Be Self-empowered & Self-reliant & become a Spiritual Warrior


Your Instructor: Shri Krishna Kalesh

As a loving spiritual master, personal guide, clairvoyant, empath, and mystic, Shri Krishna has served thousands of earnest seekers by guiding them through their challenges toward Self-mastery.

He draws from ancient teachings while learning at the feel of enlightened masters. His teachings and guidance help spiritually-minded souls connected with their vast, expanded inner Selves to navigate any situation, transcend any circumstance, and find peace in every moment.

The Shankara Master Course and Shri Krishna Kalesh’s teaching draws from ancient spiritual traditions and healing modalities that have been practiced over thousands of years. These wonderful offerings will nourish, uplift, and empower you, unveiling pathways to profound transformation and healing.


If you also wish to become a Shankara Certified Master in a live, intimate group setting, click HERE.

If you wish to become a Shankara Certified Master privately with Shri Krishna Kalesh, click HERE.


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