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Mystical Life Reading: A Divine Guidance & Vedic Astrology Experience

This is a life-changing experience, giving you a pure Cosmic blueprint for your life and the pathways ahead. You will LOVE your Mystical Life Reading with Krishna Kalesh – Unlike Anything You’ll Find Out there

A written, 25+ page reading from Shri Krishna Kalesh, the creator of The Shankara Oracle, is a deep and transformative experience. In addition to the astrological and mystical elements of your reading, it also includes answers for up to 5 of your most pressing questions. As he creates the reading for you, Shri Krishna Kalesh will source divine guidance meant solely for you, help you navigate complex conditions, and encourage your healing and illumination. He can also help you create a roadmap for a fulfilling life. 

Shri Krishna Kalesh serves at the feet of enlightened masters and follows a Dharmic path. He is a servant to the most sincere seekers who wish to transform their lives and return to their original divine natures. He has served thousands of people.

Your deeply inspiring reading will give you profound insight into your situation, helping you see your Self and life more clearly. It will illuminate all the relevant layers and aspects of your circumstances, including the areas of soul, love, money, career, relationships, intimacy, and spiritual inclinations. 

Your reading will include an evaluation of the emotions you carry on your face and body, along with insights into the nature of your soul, amid this and prior births. 

Krishna Kalesh (Paul Wagner) is committed to your healing, expansion, and liberation.

Your written reading will be truly lovely and comprehensive.

After purchase, you will receive an email asking you to send an email or video outlining your questions and concerns. After submitting, you will receive your 25+ page reading within 7 days. 

Your channeled reading will include images of Shri Krishna Kalesh’s Shankara divination board, taken from the session he will do in your name. You will also have images of all the cards, angels, deities, and symbols that emerge. 

You will feel known and heard as Shri Krishna Kalesh’s insights nourish, uplift, and empower you, unveiling pathways to profound transformation and healing. 

Your Vedic Astrology

Your Mystical Life Reading will include an exploration of your nature according to your Vedic birth planets and primary Nakshatra (birth star). It will touch upon various aspects of your life, including career, relationships, finances, creativity, and more. It will be based on your birth date, birth time, and place of birth (city, county, state, and country).

Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science considered the most advanced system of planetary divination on Earth. While Western Astrology pulls guidance from the planets, Vedic Astrology offers guidance from a specific star nearest your most influential planets. These stars are called Nakshatras. Built into Shankara, this astrological system was inspired by the Rishis, the ancient sages who first channeled The Dharma for humanity.

The Complete Shankara Oracle System (not included with your Mystic Reading)

This is the system Shri Krishna Kalesh uses for your reading. Add The Complete Shankara Oracle System to your order. Shankara provides a truly divine experience, uplifting your life and giving you the answers you need to heal, thrive, and liberate. Shankara is the most advanced oracle on Earth.

There is more comprehensive reading offered on Earth right now. You will LOVE this report on your destiny.


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