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Predictive Systems Must Also Be Healing Tools

What’s missing from oracle and tarot, and similar tools, is that you have to heal something to change your vibration, uplevel your frequency, improve your luck, and therefore improve the number of opportunities coming your way.

You can’t simply throw a few cards, have a momentary burst of zen, and then believe your life will change in any way. It doesn’t work that way. 

You must evolve your world, circumstances, conditions, relationships, and trajectories to change. You must heal something within you, releasing something restrictive, oppressive, or untrue to awaken to a revised magnetism. 

It’s your energy (vibrancy, vibration, light, illumination) that’s most important – not the card or spread. Otherwise, it’s just masturbation. It’s just ego. It’s just the upliftment of a false Self in a temporary experience within a fleeting moment. Then, you’re simply back to feeling like shit again. 

Through Shankara’s predictive paradigm, truly transcendent cards and writing, the sacred stones, and all the words, numbers & symbols on the board – amid the depth of Vedic Astrology, you can be in the most mundane frequency, experience a transcendent moment in your session, heal something, release something deep and profound, then burst forth into a wild array of possibilities. 

That’s why The Shankara Oracle is a mixture of predictive and healing tools – because through Shankara sessions, you are raising your vibration to attract the most healed life, the most abundant life, and the highest potential for your Self and those around you.

Engage tools and people that heal and uplift you, love and forgive everything, embrace an enlightened Master, find joy, smile often, be present to who you are, and serve others selflessly. This way, you are prepared for death, and upon the luscious moment of exit, you’ll transcend with light and love infused in your Being.

If you’re ready for a truly loving written Mystic Reading, click below on the image.

In the fall, I’ll begin doing in-person readings, too. Thank you for reading!

Shri Krishna Kalesh
Author: Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a mystic who guides people as a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reader, Dharma Teacher, and Coach. He has served thousands of people toward their healing and expansion - through personal sessions, mystical readings, courses, and retreats. His mission is to help others source their own boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find clarity, and master their lives. Shri Krishna Kalesh created The Shankara Oracle as a divine portal to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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