BONUS #3 – FEATURED PROFILE – The Shankara Experience


After completing this training and following your final test sessions with Shri Krishna Kalesh, you will be featured on the Shankara website as a Premier Intuitive and a fully trained Shankara Master. This is a great way to gain exposure to the growing Shankara community.

There are thousands of tarot & oracle readers in the world, but you will go much deeper – and be among the first to master the most advanced oracle on Earth. You’ll be on the ground floor of a phenomenal movement, mastering a truly unprecedented, sacred tool. You are re ready. Let’s do this.

Krishna Kalesh
Author: Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a loving mystic, poet, and writer. He loves to help people heal deeply so they can know their pure Selves. Krishna Kalesh is the creator of The Shankara Oracle.

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