BONUS #2 – EXCLUSIVE EBOOK - The Shankara Experience


If you truly and deeply seek to improve your value & expand your depth for your clients, you will devour this amazing, secret eBook: “How To Deliver The Most Transformational Intuitive Sessions & Readings”.

Too many of today’s oracle & tarot readers only scratch the surface, solely supporting the ego. You can do so much more for humanity!

Learn how to dive deeper & provide phenomenal value, as you become a transformational force drenched in light & love. Your services will be truly unique & profound.

Shri Krishna Kalesh
Author: Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a mystic who guides people as a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reader, Dharma Teacher, and Coach. He has served thousands of people toward their healing and expansion - through personal sessions, mystical readings, courses, and retreats. His mission is to help others source their own boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find clarity, and master their lives. Shri Krishna Kalesh created The Shankara Oracle as a divine portal to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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