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The World Leaders Throughout History Who Love Divination Tools

Who wouldn’t want to know their future? Throughout history and across the globe, people have been fascinated with fortune telling and divination. From tarot cards to consulting a medium, to reading tea leaves or horoscopes, these practices have been used to foresee future events or unlock hidden insights. It is through these insights about the future, that some notable world leaders relied on divination practices to make big decisions. While that might seem a bit far-fetched, when you think about it, if you had that amount of responsibility, wouldn’t you want as much help to make the best decision possible?  I know I would!

Here are some of the notable world leaders, throughout history, that used divination tools to help them make decisions and choose their paths. Maybe you’ll find a tool or technique that will inspire you to welcome some divination into your own life!

Emperors of the Shang Dynasty

The emperors of Ancient China were no stranger to divination tools. From the use of feng shui to traditional Chinese palm reading, these techniques not only had a profound influence on Chinese culture but also on other neighboring Asian countries as well.  The most unique divination tool of Ancient China was the oracle bones.  These oracle bones were used roughly between 1330 – 1000 BCE by the final nine kings of the Shang dynasty.

Oracle bones were a form of pyromancy that was performed by diviners.  Questions about the success of the year’s crop yield, weather patterns, the fate of family members  and even asking the bones for military advice, were commonly asked using the bones.  The questions would be carved into the bones of different animals, usually the scapula of an ox or the underbelly of a turtle and then fire would then be applied to the bones, which would make them burn and crack.  The diviners would then interpret the series of crack and burn patterns into answers that was sought and then once the fortune was gleaned, the bones would then be buried.

Over the years, the oracle bones were poorly preserved.  In the mid 19th century, farmers who encountered these oracle bones believed that they were real dragon bones and used them as part of traditional medicine.  They were used to treat all sorts of ailments such as malaria and knife wounds.  This continued until the late 19th century when a scholar at the Imperial Academy of Beijing recognized the inscriptions on the bones matching up with ancient Chinese writing.  It is believed that many of the oracle bones have been ground up to make medicine and only a few exist to this day.

Croesus the King of Lydia

As early as 2000 BCE, the Ancient Turks have been seeking the guidance of psychics.  Is came in the form of Oracles, who were priests and priestesses who acted as vessels for gods and goddesses to speak through.  It was common for Turkish people would go to these Oracles when they needed insight or guidance in their life.

The most famous Turkish leader to seek help from Oracles was Croesus, the King of Lydia. Croesus’ great-great-grandfather Gyges, was responsible for setting up a good relationship with Lydia and Greece, which allowed Croesus access to the Oracles of Delphi. He would routinely go visit the Oracles for guidance and advice, and because he was so connected with the Oracles, the people of Lydia were even allowed to become Delphian priests or priestesses, even though they weren’t Greek! Unfortunately, legend has it that Croesus consulted with the Oracles of Delphi when his country was at war with his brother’s, and instead of heeding their advice, he ignored what them, which unfortunately resulted in the capture of the Lydian capital.

William Lyon Mackenzie King the 10th Prime Minister of Canada

The longest serving Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King often used tools to speak with and consult with the dead.  King’s fascination with speaking to the dead began after he lost his father, mother, sister, and brother between 1915 and 1922.

Beginning  in 1925, King worked with a fortune teller who was able to see the spirits of his mother and brother, and allow him to eventually communicate with his whole family.

King’s fascination with speaking with the spirits was not only limited to his family members. He began to experiment with other mediums  and would host séances to reach different historical figures, like Leonardo da Vinci, former Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier, and President Theodore Roosevelt.

Winston Churchill the 61st Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Across the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most influential Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom relied on divination.  Winston Churchill believed himself to be somewhat clairvoyant and cited his experience during the Boer War to give him this insight. He claims that after he was captured by the enemy and escaped, he was guided by a mental planchette, which led him to residence that was sympathetic to the British cause and saved him.

This experience stuck with Churchill, and he employed the use of many psychics and astrologers during his eight-year term as Prime Minister.  The most notable event involving psychics include persuading the United States to enter World War II by having an astrologist predict the Nazi’s defeat upon their participation.

Ronald Reagan the 40th President of the United States

Finally, President Ronald Reagan is most notable for relying on psychic abilities for his work in the White House.  Reported by multiple sources, from Reagan’s chief of staff, to the alleged astrologer providing services to Reagan and eventually confirmed by Nancy Reagan, every executive decision had to be run by his astrologist, Joan Quigley. This included press conferences, speeches, and even when to land (or take-off with) Air Force One.

Reagan’s reliance on psychics date back to as early as his stint as the Governor of California, but it took an assassination attempt on him during his third month in office as the President of United states when Reagan decided to hire an astrologist, Quigley, to work for him full time. From there, his relationship with the astrologist would last his entire presidency and would consult her on a constant, if not daily, basis.

Not everyone’s approach to health and wellness is the same, and that’s ok. We are all on our own paths and for some, our self-care practices can include whatever we want them to, and that includes applying ancient wisdom or methods to our contemporary challenges. Remember, when we stay present, we honour these ancestral legacies with compassion and honesty. By searching for guidance from the universe, you can welcome new insights that you never thought possible. Everyone’s journey is different on this planet, the world is full pf possibilities that we haven’t yet tapped into, so honour yours and do what feels right to you. When you seek answers and choose spiritual growth, anything is possible!

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