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At first, I felt I needed to leave these words out of The Book Of Meanings as I did not want to influence everyone’s sense of these words, but we have felt into it and it seems other would like these words in the future version of The Book Of Meanings.

So, for now, here they are! Enjoy!


You might need to be more focused or more experienced in a specific area. You might need a bit of luck, grace, or divine providence.

If you are uncertain, uneasy, or lack hope, or confidence with a specific circumstance, seek divine, cosmic intervention. Through sacred practices like prayer, you can connect with your deepest Self and merge with The Eternal Consciousness, improving your attitudes, relationships, and outcomes.

When we pray, we raise our vibrations and avail ourselves of higher frequencies. We relax into our Divine natures and invite more expanded opportunities. Through prayer, we wrap ourselves in light, provoking the evolution of our souls and improving our health.

When we pray, The Universe prays for us.

As you contemplate your questions today, be aware that you are a profound source of light. You are partnered with The Divine in myriad ways, and you are influential in your own right. Your conscious awareness and prayerful presence can bring everything you desire and imagine to life.

Pray for your Self, your situation, and every person within your sphere. Pray that all obstacles for all Beings are removed. Pray for outcomes that illuminate your life and the lives of others. Finally, pray for diving grace, holy healing, and uplifting experiences for All Beings Throughout The Realms.

As you pray, your soul awakens your spirit, and your whole Being vibrates to attract realities that perfectly mirror your highest and most expanded Self.


Allow the natural flow to unfold for a moment. Become a witness rather than an antagonist. Remember your allegiances, commitments, and divine Self as you consider every option and trajectory.

In your desire to create something special or sustain a unique experience, you may have forced an outcome, rushed the process, or neglected someone important. Unblock your vessel, open your heart, and release control to reach your desired destination. Allow everything to be as it is.

It might also be the opposite, where you may have been too flexible or permitting, not realizing that allowing your healthy aggression or defiance can add new levels of excellence to your pursuits.

You may have stifled your power to appease partners, friends, alliances, and low expectations. Consider allowing your Self to healthfully express your magic, creativity, and influence with unrelenting brilliance, intensity, and enthusiasm.

Whatever you feel most inspired to express or experience, whether it is your skills, emotions, passion, or vision, allow it all. When we allow what is happening within and around us, we enter nature’s flow, leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and all we desire. From this state of Being, we can better respond to challenges and further iterate on the path ahead.

As you contemplate your situation and relationships, allow old pain and the specifics of your conditions to emerge.

Allow situations to play out and emotions to rise and dissipate. Listen carefully and be present to what people and events are showing you. Remember that every challenge is a gift from the The Divine to help you see your Self clearly and fully honor your gifts, talents, and attributes.

Be sweet and vulnerable as you vibrate toward expansion. Allow all guilt, shame, and regret to dissolve. Soon, you will elevate and expand your whole Being and life.

Allow what is, and you will be free.


Often, our desires are fleeting and do not deserve our focus or attention. Releasing our attachments to these types of desires, circumstances, and relationships invites peace and frees us to attract more illuminated intentions and experiences.

If you recognize your Self as a divine Being, which is Self-evident, you will see your desires as temporary. You will evaluate and cleanse every idea before you nudge it to life. Drench your mind in light to be healed, uplifted, and made aware. Look deep within your Self to know what should stay and what should go.

You might be holding on too tightly in fear of losing something, possibly everything valuable to you. You may have squeezed someone so intensely that they ran in the other direction. Your passion might be stifling your sweet nature and reasonability.

What you feel to be valuable or vital to your life might require improvements, amendments, refocusing, more love, space, time, or a complete renovation.

To remedy your situation, release your initial expectations and resolve the related emotions so that you can free up your magic and ingenuity. If you cannot release the troubling aspects within you and create the necessary space, all pursuits might stumble, and all growth could be stilted.

All desires arise from intentions, thoughts, and actions born from the mind and ego. Most often, our desires are distractions leading us away from our pure Self and in the opposite direction of our divinity. Every desire eventually ends in pain, suffering, anger, sorrow, disillusionment, or disappointment. This is the reality of life on Earth.

Hold onto nothing. Forgive everything. Allow your spirit, not your mind, to drive your reality.

She will naturally lead you to peaceful action, pure manifestations, and supreme resolution. With practice, you will live in the flow of your soul’s light, fully conscious of your divine nature.


Before you take action on what you desire most, pause to recalibrate your Being and uplevel all scenarios, relationships, predicaments, hopes, dreams, and desires. Give your soul a break and allow light to enter your sphere. Walk, exercise, meditate, pray, chant, or shout to the heavens.

Since we rarely pause or choose to be silent amid the hurricanes of life, we tend to experience looping traumas, repeated complications, and exact replicas of broken scenarios and relationships over and over again. Repeating these patterns over time, we eventually believe that changing or improving our lives is impossible.

As little hiccups become challenges, you may realize that nothing is in your control. As you try to patch holes and fix foundations, your effectiveness can be limited.

While creating sustainable and innovative constructs to address ongoing issues, you somehow lost your potency and position. There is only so much we can achieve without fully knowing our core Selves.

Like each of us, you built your life through imagination, assumption, reaction, and momentum. When your spirit adopted the form of your body, and you were born into this three-dimensional space, you had a specific speed and trajectory, all pointing to probable outcomes, likely personas, and an exact karmic position within spacetime.

Without pausing at the junctures of your life, you could only adapt to the pace, chaos, and circumstances that emerged.

Without deep reflection, we cannot fully, wholly, and consciously create our lives.

Pause all manifestations, actions, reactions, and passions until you can reboot your Being, reset your conditions, and establish new trajectories.

Encourage your Self to break tradition with assumed outcomes and recreate your life from the ground up.

Upon deep reflection, you will release old karma, expand the divine light within you, and create pathways more resonant with your pure, illuminated Self.

As the creator of your reality, even a gentle pause can help you initiate a profound shift, dramatic rebirth, newly minted persona, transcendent relationships, and the most healed and inspired life.

Shri Krishna Kalesh
Author: Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a mystic who guides people as a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reader, Dharma Teacher, and Coach. He has served thousands of people toward their healing and expansion - through personal sessions, mystical readings, courses, and retreats. His mission is to help others source their own boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find clarity, and master their lives. Shri Krishna Kalesh created The Shankara Oracle as a divine portal to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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