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The 5 Most Interesting Tarot Spreads to Illuminate Your Life

Sometimes, we need an external source to help us see where our true potential lies. Perhaps you don’t have a clear understanding of what your talents and skills are, let alone how to make use of them. A tarot reading can help articulate and uncover those hidden abilities by giving you a new perspective of yourself. It can also help you direct your energy towards your goals, or even to give them more clarity. One of tarot’s biggest strengths is giving you a mirror to reflect on your life and introspect, so why not use what this mystical tool has to offer you for some guidance?

Here are five interesting tarot spreads that can help illuminate areas of your life and help you find answers:


The Past-Present-Future spread is one of the easiest for beginners. However, it still offers powerful insight on how your past affects your present and how these can help inform you to make good decisions in the future.

The Past-Present-Future Spread requires 3 cards. Start with card 1 and place cards 2 and 3 to the right of it in sequential order.

  • Card 1 – The Past

This card represents preceding events leading to the present. This includes the energy and baggage you may be carrying.

  • Card 2 – The Present

This card represents the current moment. This includes your current environment and mentality.

  • Card 3 – The Future

This card represents the succeeding events following the present. This includes recommendations or advice you may need to go forward.

Compass Reading

The Compass Reading is a tarot spread designed by Shaheen Miro and Theresa Reed. Like its name, the compass reading is incredibly useful for times when you feel lost and need a little push into the right direction.

The Compass Reading Spread requires 4 cards. Start with cards 1 to the north and place the remaining cards in a clockwise fashion with the fourth card ending on the left, or to the west.

  • Card 1 – North

This card represents the guiding energy. It shows the next move you should make.

  • Card 2 – East

This card represents the future. What event you should expect immediately in the future.

  • Card 3 – South

This card represents your origin. Where you are coming from and your motivations.

  • Card 4 – West

This card represents your past. It allows you to be reflective of the things that have already occurred.

Future Lover

Asking for some guidance about one’s own love life is a common topic for a tarot spread. The Future Lover spread is perfect for anyone who wants to glean some insight into their love life and significant other.

The Future Lover Spread requires 6 cards. Start with card 1 on the top row, cards 2 and 3 on the second, and cards 4 – 6 on the final row. The spread should look like a pyramid when complete.

  • Card 1 – The Seeker

This card represents the individual who is receiving the tarot reading. This includes who they are and what they want from the relationship.

  • Card 2 – The Attraction

This card represents the attraction between the seeker and the lover. Questions involving when they will meet will be considered.

  • Card 3The Lover

This card represents the individual who the seeker will fall in love with. This card will also illustrate the energy or feel or the individual.

  • Card 4 – The Challenge

This card represents the obstacles preventing the seeker from meeting the lover.

  • Card 5 – The Resolution

This card represents the answer for resolving the challenge presented in card 4.

  • Card 6 – The Meet

This card represents the location, method, and timing of the meeting.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most used spreads. And for good reason! It allows readers to provide deep and insightful answers to a wide range of questions.

The Celtic Cross Spread requires 10 cards. Start with card 1 and 2 on top of each other with card 1 placed vertically and card 2 placed horizontally. The remaining cards will be placed vertically. Cards 3 – 6 will be placed to the north, south, west, and east of cards 1 and 2. The remaining cards will be placed on the same side as card 6, with card 7 on the bottom and card 10 on the top.

  • Card 1 – The Seeker

This card represents the individual who is receiving the tarot reading. Including the events that the seeker is experiencing, state of mind, and outlook on the situation.

  • Card 2 – The Challenge

This card represents the immediate obstacle to the situation being read. Keep in mind that a ‘positive’ card pulled can still represent a problem.

  • Card 3 – The Conscious

This card is an indicator of how the seeker thinks or how they feel regarding the situation. It is also an indicator of the things that the seeker is working towards to resolve the issue.

  • Card 4 – The Subconscious

This card represents the things that the seeker may not yet know about the situation. It can also provide a message that may surprise even the seeker.

  • Card 5 – The Past

This card represents all the events that led up to this issue.

  • Card 6 – The Future

This card represents the immediate next step to the situation. This can occur from anywhere between a few days to a few months.

  • Card 7 – Advice

This card represents the recommendation provided to the seeker based on their life and the current challenges.

  • Card 8 – Influences

This card represents all the external, uncontrollable factors that will influence the outcome of the situation.

  • Card 9 – Expectations and Uncertainties

This card represents what the seeker hopes and fears will happen. Since hope and fears are closely linked, you may want to draw a second card to gain clarity and read them together.

  • Card 10 – Outcome

This card represents the path where the situation is headed and any resolutions.

Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an older tarot spread. It depicts us as heroes of our own stories, retelling tales of our growth.

The Hero’s Journey Spread requires 12 cards. Start with cards 1 to the north and place the remaining cards in a clockwise fashion in the shape of a circle.

  • Card 1 – The Ordinary World

Like a hero beginning their journey, this card represents who the hero is. This card represents their personality, flaws, and strengths are laid out in relation to everyday life.

  • Card 2 – The Call to Adventure

All heroes experience a catalyst that propels them to seek out an answer for. This card represents the main problem.

  • Card 3 – The Refusal of the Call

Heroes may experience things that holds them back from taking on their new challenge. This card represents the fears or doubts the seeker may have.

  • Card 4 – Meeting the Mentor

Heroes may need a guide to help them on their journey. This card represents any advice the seeker will receive that will assist them on their challenge.

  • Card 5 – Crossing the Threshold

Now the hero is about to embark on their journey. This card represents aspects of unfamiliarity and uncertainty the seeker may face.

  • Card 6 – Tests, Allies, and Enemies

All heroes experience hiccups or tests along the way. This card represents the tests that will challenge the seeker’s skills and abilities.

  • Card 7 – The Approach to the Inmost Cave

Self-doubt will arise again but with self-reflection based on their experiences. This card represents the seeker’s attitude to the situation.

  • Card 8 – The Ordeal

The hero is facing their opponent now. This card represents what the seeker is expected to experience when dealing with their conflict.

  • Card 9 – The Reward, or Seizing the Sword

A hero’s journey ends with their victory. This card represents what they have gained from the challenge.

  • Card 10 – The Road Back

After defeating their opponent, the hero will now head home. This card represents any additional setbacks the seeker will continue to face.

  • Card 11 – The Resurrection

A hero’s journey does not involve the hero alone. This card represents the consequences on the people, situations, or environment surrounding the seeker.

  • Card 12 – Return with the Elixir

The hero is finally home and has learned a lot during his journey. This card represents the insights gained from the challenges.

Tarot is a powerful tool that you can add to your healing practice. No matter what you do, be it a meditation, use it for a cleansing ritual, or simply asking for some clarity on a subject that is bothering you, tarot readings can help you with your spiritual growth and development.

The cards can help illuminate answers that you need- you need just ask!

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