Shankara Webinar - The Shankara Experience

How To Master Your Awakening
& Unlock Divine Guidance

Deepen Your Spiritual Gifts And Embrace
The Path To Your Self-Realization

Join Shri Krishna Kalesh, the creator of The Shankara Oracle, for a transformative free webinar that will explore the profound journey of
Self-realization and unlock insights that will allow you to deepen your unique spiritual gifts.



A Deep Spiritual Awakening: Explore the ancient wisdom that leads to profound Self-realization.
Your Inner Compass: Unlock your natural intuition and welcome its guidance in your journey.
Expanded Consciousness: Transcend limitations and embrace your true potential.
The Alchemy of Happiness: Learn to transcend limitations and welcome rebirth into your life.
The Power of Self-Reliance: Take control of your life, relationships, and happiness as a Spiritual Warrior.

Delve into the heart of spiritual growth with an loving, mystical guide on the path to Self-realization. Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered.

Your Mentor & Guide

As a compassionate spiritual mentor, coach, clairvoyant and mystic, Shri Krishna Kalesh has guided thousands of people on their journeys of Self-transformation. Serving at the feet of enlightened masters for more than 30 years, Shri Krishna Kalesh has walked a deep and illuminating spiritual path aligned with The Dharma.

Drawing wisdom from ancient teachings and enlightened masters and insights from his rich experience in life and business, Shri Krishna Kalesh’s guidance empowers spiritually-minded individuals to source their authenticity and power. He works with people from all walks of life who seek to improve their lives, including artists, healers, teachers, executives, celebrities, and lovers of The Divine.

Gain access to in-depth teachings rooted in ancient wisdom, powerful practices, and the secrets of profound spiritual awakening, including…

The difference between “spiritual candy” and genuine, transformational practices

Real-life techniques that activate and deepen your intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts

How to expand and fully awaken your most divine Self

The power of forgiveness and the joy of releasing your emotional bondage to the past

The benefits of Self-inquiry + deep inner exploration


This webinar presents a unique opportunity to take the next step on your spiritual journey.

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