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Releasing Paradigms To Unveil the Sacred Truths Within

In the tapestry of our lives, we often find ourselves entangled within the threads of familiar paradigms – the comfortable yet limiting ways of living and perceiving our reality. 

These paradigms, much like a cocoon, offer us a sense of security, but they can also shroud the radiant wings of our souls, preventing us from living beyond the confines of inner and outer illusion.

“When you release a paradigm (a way of living, seeing, and experiencing your reality), images, events, dreams, emotions, projections, and relationships (inner and outer) also release.” — Shri Krishna Kalesh

As we venture into the transformative realms of spiritual awakening, we realize that releasing these paradigms (all attachment to form) is an integral part of our journey, for it is in the release that we truly find freedom, illumination, and spiritual evolution.

Ram Das once said, “The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.” 

In these profound words, we find the essence of our spiritual journey – the uniqueness of our paths, the authenticity of our truth. And with earnest effort, we can heal and transcend all illusion.

When we release a paradigm, we allow ourselves to unfurl from the constraints of societal norms, limiting and oppressive systems, egoic attachments, and conditioned beliefs. 

It is a courageous step into the unknown, a surrender to the vastness of our inner universe. And yet, sometimes a paradigm will release upon learning something new – or being exposed to a divinely present person or teaching. 

With this type of release comes a cascade of experiences – images, dreams, emotions, and projections that have long been dormant within our being. If we can allow them to appear and dissolve, we will heal and grow into a new state of Being.

It might be that we have many paradigms to heal and release.

Amma, the hugging saint, reminds us, “The most important thing in the world is love. Love is the beginning and end of everything.”

As we release these paradigms, we uncover the love that resides deep within us. This love is not just an emotion but a divine force that propels us forward on our spiritual journey.

Paramahansa Yogananda, a beacon of spiritual wisdom, teaches us, “The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy.” 

Releasing paradigms is akin to a meditation of the soul. The soul ponders and the soul releases, experiencing divine space and presence. Meditation and meditative awareness (being open to shift and grow) is a journey within, a profound introspection, where we confront our shadows, beliefs, and paradigms, and bring them into the light of awareness.

Enlightened masters throughout time have shown us that release is not a path of isolation but one of unity. We release to embrace our interconnectedness with all that is. 

As we release our ego’s grip on the Self, we connect with the greater Self, the divine consciousness that permeates the universe.

In the release, we may encounter the turbulence of our emotions, the kaleidoscope of our dreams, and the profound wisdom contained within our inner projections. 

These are the treasures hidden in the depths of our being, waiting to be unearthed. They are the whispers of our soul guiding us toward our true purpose.

Rumi, the mystical poet, once wrote, “Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”

Releasing paradigms is an invitation to finally let go of all the stories we’ve consumed throughout our soul’s long journey. When we approach this release, we begin to write our own myths, crafting a new narrative that aligns with our inner truth and the purest, divine will.

As we navigate this sacred journey of release, let us remember the words of these enlightened masters. Let us embrace the uniqueness of our path and listen to our own truth. Let love be our guiding light, and let meditation be our refuge. Let us honor our interconnectedness with all of creation, and let us unfold our own myth.

In the release of paradigms, we find freedom and the profound realization that we are the authors of our own spiritual destiny. Following the ancient teachings, we are continuously challenged deep within us to release all that is untrue – and to detach from all form – including our paradigms. 

In doing this deeper work, filled with wonder, the cocoon of limitations dissolves, and we emerge as radiant butterflies, ready to explore the boundless skies of spiritual awakening. 

Releasing Your Paradigms

The purest path to releasing your paradigms and becoming a Spiritual Warrior involves Sadhana – the spiritual practices that lead to liberation (Moksha). Sadhana includes meditation, forgiveness, yoga, journaling, releasing emotions, deep prayer, rituals, smiling at others to uplift them, and Selfless service. Everyone can embrace Sadhana toward their Self-realization.

Self-Realization through Meditation: Babaji and other spiritual masters throughout spacetime emphasize the significance of meditation as a tool for Self-realization and inner transformation. 

By consistently practicing meditation, we can delve deep into our consciousness, observe our thought patterns, emotions, deeply held beliefs and attitudes, and our contrived temporary Self-identities. 

Through witnessing these things within us, we begin to bring the paradigms that have oppressed or limited us into our conscious awareness so that we can release all of it. 

Through this introspective and deepening practice, we gain clarity about our true nature and all the beliefs, constructs, forms, and paradigms that no longer serve us.

Surrender to the Divine Will: Surrendering to The Divine will is a fundamental step in releasing oppressive paradigms. It involves letting go of the mind’s perseverations and our ego’s control so that we may trust in the wisdom of our inner master and The Universal Consciousness. 

By relinquishing our attachment to specific outcomes and surrendering to the divine plan, we create space for new perspectives and possibilities to emerge.

Detachment from Material Attachments: The ancient masters teach the importance of detachment from material possessions, worldly attachments, and the attachments that arise from desires and relationships.

When we are less entangled in the external aspects of life, we free ourselves from the limitations imposed by societal norms, spiritual materialism, religious manipulation, family oppressive ideologies, and materialistic paradigms. This detachment allows us to focus on our inner growth and spiritual evolution.

Ancient teachings suggest that divine bliss catalyzes the spontaneous release of oppressive paradigms. Seeking divine bliss in these forms can help you transcend your mind and ego and immerse your Self in a pure state of Being.

Transcendence of Ego: In moments of profound divine bliss, our mental perseverations and our ego’s dominance diminish. As we immerse ourselves in the blissful experience, the ego’s grip on our identity loosens. This transcendence of ego allows us to see beyond the limitations it has imposed on us.

Awakening to Oneness: Divine bliss often leads to a heightened sense of interconnectedness with all of creation. In this state, we realize that we are not separate from the universe but an integral part of it. The paradigms that limit us are seen as illusions, and we recognize our inherent freedom.

Renewed Perspective: Immersed in divine bliss, our consciousness undergoes a profound shift. We may experience a fresh new moment where old paradigms simply release. The weight of limiting beliefs and perceptions dissolves in the radiant light of bliss, allowing us to embrace a liberated and expanded consciousness.


Ancient teachings invite us to cultivate a consistent spiritual practice, surrender to The Divine, and seek the transformative power of divine bliss. In doing so, we can release oppressive paradigms that have held us back. We can experience the profound freedom and renewal of aligning our lives with the divine flow of existence.

Embrace the journey of release, and let go of the paradigms that limit and mislead you. This is a journey of profound transformation, a journey of the soul’s evolution, and a journey toward the divine light within. You are fully capable of awakening in this lifetime.

Shri Krishna Kalesh
Author: Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a mystic who guides people as a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reader, Dharma Teacher, and Coach. He has served thousands of people toward their healing and expansion - through personal sessions, mystical readings, courses, and retreats. His mission is to help others source their own boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find clarity, and master their lives. Shri Krishna Kalesh created The Shankara Oracle as a divine portal to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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