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Oracle Cards For Healing and Forgiveness

In our daily lives, just like change, conflict is inevitable. one way or another, you are bound to find yourself in conflict. We sometimes find ourselves in conflicts that lead to falling-outs, betrayal, and heartbreaks, not because of our actions but because of the actions of others. You might play your part in ensuring that you avoid conflict, but that does not mean that others will do the same.

Living with feeling of a past heartbreak, or a grudge, is hard on the soul. This resentment can make us very bitter people, and this is not a good way to live life!  We need to learn how to forgive and let go. Of course, that is always easier said than done. But it is possible. By using ancient practices and holistic techniques, we can help ourselves heal.

A great method to use to help you on your healing journey is using tarot cards.

Let’s learn what this powerful tool can do for us and how to use them best to help us heal and forgive.

The Benefit of Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are powerful tools that can help guide you to discover who you are, how to relate with others, and how to embrace who you are becoming. Using these cards can help you realize some of the traits you have that might be causing a strain between you and those around you. These cards also help you find a way to navigate your relationships with others, mend broken fences, and move forward.

How To Read The Cards

When you go to choose your tarot deck, let your intuition guide you when you pick your cards.

You must be open-minded when going for a reading or doing one for yourself. It’s best if you’re  in a quiet environment where you can listen and tune-in to your energy. Get really in touch with what you’re asking for! Before you use your deck, it is important that you infuse your cards with your energy and you can do this by playing or carrying the cards around. This way, you will create a strong relationship with the cards and your vibration.

Here is how you can give yourself a reading:

  • Consider where you need guidance while holding the cards in your hands; in this case, you need to heal and forgive; therefore, that will be your point of focus. You must be clear on what you want guidance on; specificity results in good intel.
  • Pick the card on top of the deck, or you can shuffle until one card flies out or dramatically sticks out. You then need to shuffle the deck; you can shuffle until you get a feeling to stop until you feel complete; typically, that is about seven shuffles or more. You should be present while shuffling and allow the cards’ energy to merge with your energy.
  • Ask your intuition the number of cards to draw, and you can draw just one or more; the choice is yours. As you pull them from the deck, you should place them face down in front of you. Spread them out, hover your hand over them, and choose a card you feel a magnetic pull towards. The number of cards you spread is dependent on the depth of the reading. There are guidelines in the booklets that come with the decks on how to do different spreads, either a single or several cards spread.
  • Turn them over one after the other and reflect on your first thoughts about the card. If you don’t think of anything instantly, sit calmly and see what comes up. You may have noticed symbols, phrases, themes, or words on the card. There also may have been some feelings, images, sounds, or words that may have come up as you read them. You can also use the guidebooks to find out what the cards mean; however, many readers advise not jumping into the guidebooks to find meaning; instead, you should allow your intuition and deeper subconscious to guide you.
  • Reading the guidebook afterward will help you gain more insight or notice any parallels.
  • Finally, summarize the message you receive from the cards and note what came up during the reading. You should then identify actions you will take based on the guidance from the oracle, tarots, or personality cards.

How Tarot Cards Can Help You Heal

When we carry anger, resentment and bitterness, it can seep into every new experience and relationship that we engage in. It is a vicious cycle that wraps us up in too much negativity that we fail to enjoy the moment or grow as a human being. We feel at odds with our spiritual beliefs, feel our lives lack purpose, and are at risk of suffering from anxiety or other mentla (and physical) illnesses. Additionally, dwelling on negativity makes us miss opportunities to connect well with others.

Tarot cards can teach us to heal ourselves by letting go of pains and grudges. It teaches us how to solve issues using logic and being realistic and also guides us on how to let go of things and learn love and forgiveness. Grudges limit you from moving forward and healing yourself and you have to be willing to do the work in order for you to move forward.

Drawing Cards for Healing and Forgiveness

In the Major Arcana;

  1. Judgment represents inner calling and rebirth. This card calls on you to have a period of self-evaluation and reflection. Meditation and quiet reflection will help you have a deeper understanding of some things throughout your life and help you see what you can change or do to avoid finding yourself in similar situations in the future. The Judgement card suggests that one needs to be open to new possibilities, having realized that one must live differently. But before this happens, you must let go of your past, the hurt, and bad feelings, forgive those who hurt you and move forward to get everything you are worth.
  2. The Star represents serenity, inspiration, and hope. Reading this card suggests that you have had challenges but are open to transformation and healing. Contacting your true self has strengthened your ability to let go. There is no more hatred, revenge, bitterness, or envy in your life; therefore, you can forgive, forget, and embrace new opportunities.
  3. The Hierophant is also an interpreter of secret mysteries, a spiritual leader, and one who points the way towards salvation. This card represents redemption, salvation, the pursuit of knowledge, and education. It reminds us that learning to forgive gives us eternal peace in our lives.

In the Minor Arcana;

  1. Five of Cups which shows a lack of fulfillment reminds us to stop running away from the situation because running away only offers temporary relief. To attain permanent relief, one must forgive; forgiveness is necessary for personal growth. Additionally, forgiveness should be a decision to forget how one wronged you and focus on moving forward.
  2. Three of Swords shows separation, betrayal, grief, sorrow, and rejection. These emotions are necessary for life because they help us learn lessons; emotions like pain sometimes can be a motivator to help you grow, even if it clouds your vision for a while. This card prepares you for such so that you experience less emotional blow. It might take a while, but you will recover with self-love, forgiveness, and faith.

Forgiveness releases the power other people and situations have over you. Accepting to let go of the hurt gives you freedom.

Moving Forward

When you use tarot cards, the message is to release the anger, fear, and bitterness, be open to experience new opportunities and move on. Letting go is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and when we choose to prioritize our happiness, we can become the best versions of ourselves and grow into someone compassionate. Holding ourselves hostage in the past, reliving the pain over and over taints our self-worth. Choosing to forgive someone is not for them-it is for you. That is how you truly find peace. So, dive deep into your soul and forgive, heal and allow yourself to see the beauty of peaceful life!

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