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How To Be An Empath & Enjoy It

How To Be An Empath & Enjoy It

In the vibrant tapestry of human experience, being an empath is akin to possessing a rare and exquisite gift. Empaths have the unique ability to sense and absorb the emotions of others, a trait that, while profoundly beautiful, can sometimes feel overwhelming. Yet, this sensitivity is not a burden; it’s a gateway to profound connections, deep understanding, and a rich, fulfilling life. If you’re navigating the journey of being an empath, embracing a range of spiritual disciplines can transform your experience from merely enduring to truly thriving. Here’s how you can embark on this transformative journey.

Cultivating Inner Harmony: Meditation and Mindfulness

At the heart of the empath’s journey is the quest for inner peace. Meditation and mindfulness are luminous threads in the fabric of spiritual practices that empower empaths to find balance amidst the emotional whirlwind. By turning inward and becoming a silent observer of your thoughts and feelings, you can create a serene inner sanctuary. This practice not only helps in managing your own emotions but also in distinguishing them from those you absorb from others. Picture yourself as a serene lake, unaffected by the pebbles of external emotions being tossed your way.

Fostering Deep Connections: The Art of Listening

For empaths, listening is not just a skill; it’s a form of spiritual practice. By truly listening to others with compassion and empathy, you open your heart and allow your soul to dance in harmony with theirs. This practice helps in creating deep, meaningful connections and teaches the art of being present. In this space of shared vulnerability, empaths can find joy in their ability to connect on a profound level, transforming what might seem like a challenge into a cherished gift.

Strengthening Boundaries: The Wisdom of Self-Care

One of the most empowering practices for empaths is learning the art of setting boundaries. This discipline is not about building walls but about nurturing a healthy respect for your energy. It’s about recognizing when to open your heart and when to lovingly protect your space. Engaging in regular self-care routines, saying no with kindness, and honoring your needs are spiritual practices that teach the importance of self-love and respect. This wisdom ensures that you can give from a place of abundance rather than depleting your own reserves.

Connecting with Nature: The Healing Power of the Earth

Empaths often find a deep sense of belonging and healing in the embrace of nature. The earth, with its boundless beauty and wisdom, offers a sanctuary for the empath’s soul. Whether it’s grounding your bare feet in the soil, embracing the hug of a tree, or simply basking in the sun’s warmth, nature provides a powerful way to cleanse and rejuvenate your energy. This connection fosters a sense of unity with all living beings, reminding empaths of the beauty in their sensitivity.

Exploring Energy Work: Reiki and Beyond

Engaging in energy work, such as Reiki, can be a transformative practice for empaths. These disciplines teach you to understand and harness the flow of energy within and around you. By learning to channel healing energy, not only can you replenish your own spiritual reservoir, but you can also become a conduit of healing for others. This practice deepens the understanding of your gift and opens up new pathways for personal and spiritual growth.

Embracing Creativity: The Soul’s Expression

Creativity is a powerful outlet for empaths to express and process their deep well of emotions. Whether through painting, writing, music, or any form of artistic expression, creativity offers a path to transmute overwhelming feelings into something beautiful and tangible. This discipline celebrates the empath’s depth of feeling as a source of inspiration and joy, rather than a challenge to be overcome.

Cultivating Gratitude: The Alchemy of Appreciation

The practice of gratitude can transform the empath’s experience. By focusing on the blessings and beauty in your life, you shift your energy from being overwhelmed by the emotions of others to celebrating the connection and compassion that your gift enables. Gratitude opens the heart, cultivates joy, and deepens your sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Type Of Empathy-Based Jobs

Empaths, with their natural ability to understand and feel the emotions of others deeply, are uniquely positioned to thrive in careers that demand empathy, intuition, and a deep connection with others. Their innate skill set not only makes them invaluable in traditional roles centered around helping and healing but also opens doors to more intuitive-based professions where their capabilities can be harnessed in unique and fulfilling ways. Here’s a look at various roles and jobs that empaths might find rewarding:

Intuitive Roles

Intuitive Counselor: Empaths with a developed intuition can provide guidance and insights by tapping into their inner wisdom and connecting with the energy of their clients. They often work in private practices or wellness centers.

Oracle and Tarot Card Reader: Using cards as tools to channel their intuitive abilities, empaths can offer readings that provide clarity, guidance, and support to those seeking answers to personal questions.

Spiritual Guide/Mentor: Empaths can act as spiritual mentors, helping individuals navigate their spiritual journeys, offering wisdom and support to foster personal growth and understanding.

Energy Healer: Through modalities such as Reiki, Qi Gong, or Pranic Healing, empaths can work with the energy fields of others to promote healing, balance, and well-being.

Counseling and Therapy

Therapist: With their deep understanding of human emotions, empaths can excel as therapists, providing a safe, empathetic space for clients to explore and heal psychological wounds.

Counselor: Whether it’s in schools, community centers, or private settings, empathic counselors can guide individuals through emotional, social, or life challenges with compassion and empathy.

Life Coach: As life coaches, empaths can help clients achieve personal and professional goals, offering support, motivation, and insights from an empathetic perspective.

Social Services and Healthcare

Social Worker: Empaths can be particularly effective in social work, advocating for and supporting individuals and families in overcoming challenges, connecting them with resources, and enhancing their well-being.

Nurse or Healthcare Professional: The caring and empathetic nature of empaths can be a boon in nursing or other healthcare roles, where compassion and understanding significantly impact patient care.

Holistic Health Practitioner: Specializing in alternative medicine, holistic practitioners look at the entire picture of a person’s health, including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, areas where empaths naturally excel.

Education and Advocacy

Special Education Teacher: Empaths have the patience and understanding needed to work with students with special needs, creating supportive and inclusive learning environments.

Non-profit Work: Empaths driven by a sense of purpose can find fulfillment in non-profit organizations, working for causes they are passionate about and making a difference in the community or the world.

Animal Welfare: Empaths often have a deep connection with animals and can work in various capacities to ensure their well-being, from veterinary care to rescue and advocacy work.

Creative Professions

Artist/Writer: Many empaths channel their deep feelings and perceptions into creative expressions, finding careers as artists, writers, musicians, or in other artistic fields where they can convey emotions that resonate with others.

Design and Architecture: Empaths can use their sensitivity to create spaces or products that enhance well-being, comfort, and emotional harmony for users.


Empath Entrepreneur: Leveraging their intuitive understanding of human needs and emotions, empaths can create businesses that offer innovative solutions, products, or services aimed at improving people’s lives.

Empaths possess a rare gift that, when aligned with their professional life, can lead to deeply rewarding careers. By choosing paths that not only harness but also respect their sensitivity and intuition, empaths can find fulfillment and make a profound impact in their chosen fields.


Being an empath is a journey of embracing your sensitivity as a strength, a guide, and a teacher. By integrating these spiritual disciplines into your life, you embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and joy. Remember, your capacity to feel deeply is not just a gift to yourself but a beacon of light and love in the world.

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Shri Krishna Kalesh
Author: Shri Krishna Kalesh

Shri Krishna Kalesh is a mystic who guides people as a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Reader, Dharma Teacher, and Coach. He has served thousands of people toward their healing and expansion - through personal sessions, mystical readings, courses, and retreats. His mission is to help others source their own boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find clarity, and master their lives. Shri Krishna Kalesh created The Shankara Oracle as a divine portal to The Unlimited, All-Knowing, All-Conscious Universe.

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