Is it difficult to learn to play Shankara? - The Shankara Experience

Is it difficult to learn to play Shankara?

Not at all. Shankara is a rich experience, but it is simple to play. 

All you need to do to play Shankara is to choose a few stones from the bag, shake them in your hands and throw them on the board. Arrows will point you toward symbols on the board relevant to your question. Stone symbols will give you additional guidance. The guidance channelled for the stones and symbols on the board is included in the Shankara Book of Meanings. Various tips and hints on how to play are included with the board. 

The oracle board is based on a simple ancient practice of casting stones. Ancient healers, shamans, wizards, prophets used crystals, runes or other kind of stones to draw wisdom about their circumstances based on the positioning of the stones and their symbols.

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