Krishna’s Private Group: Subscription – The Shankara Experience

Krishna’s Private Group: Subscription

Personal Answers From Shri Krishna In A Private Chat Group

Required: Must have purchased The Shankara Oracle

Be among the first to engage Shri Krishna in a private setting – and learn Self-mastery.

Enjoy like-minded souls and share personal questions with Shri Krishna and others in the group. Shri Krishna will answer personally, Mon-Fri, 6am-10am, at varying times.

Spiritual Warriorship

Since this group is about spiritual practices and not trendy movements, participants must be willing to lessen attachment to their egos, conspiracy theories, and fascinations with spiritually materialistic hyperbole.

Through the group, you will open up and begin to release all the aspects, including victim-mindedness, judgments, and excuses, that may have caused you to stumble in the past.

You will learn to release the thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that have long troubled humanity and you will step into a pure, Dharmic way of life.

Joining the group, you will on your way to becoming a powerful, present, spiritual warrior.

About The Facilitator

At times, Shri Krishna can be playful and spicy, and other times, direct and precise. It’s up to the participant to take it all with a grain of salt and work toward her own liberation.

Shri Krishna serves at the feet of enlightened masters and follows a Dharmic path. He is a servant to the most sincere seekers who wish to transform themselves and return to their original divine natures. Having served thousands of people, Shri Krishna Kalesh is committed to your healing, expansion, and liberation.

Your deeply inspiring reading will give you profound insight into your situation, helping you see your Self and life more clearly. It will illuminate all the relevant layers and aspects of your circumstances, including the areas of soul, love, money, career, relationships, intimacy, and spiritual inclinations.

Your reading will include an evaluation of the emotions you carry on your face and body, along with insights into the nature of your soul, amid this and prior births.

$108.00 for 1 month

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