Shankara Master Course: Certified Training – The Shankara Experience

Shankara Master Course: Certified Training

Master The Shankara Oracle

Awaken Your Divine Potential

This 9-week course will involve video training and live interaction with Shri Krishna Kalesh, the creator of The Shankara Oracle. During this intimate and empowering experience, you will deepen and expand your intuitive abilities and explore pathways to Self-mastery. Course to begin in early Oct 2023. Learn more HERE.

This Master Training includes:

  • 3 private, 30-min sessions with Shri Krishna Kalesh, the creator of Shankara
  • 3 live group video sessions
  • 12 Exclusive Shankara Training Videos
  • Over 30 Exclusive Personal Transformation Videos
  • A Private 1-Hour Final Test Session With Shri Krishna Kalesh
  • Membership in The Shankara Masters Private Group

As you grow within this course, you will:

~ Become a Master Shankara Facilitator

~ Illuminate your most valuable gifts and talents

~ Learn how to heal and master your biggest challenges

~ Replace your triggers with deep understanding

~ Sharpen your intuition and clairsentience

~ Dive deeply into the nuances of ancient teachings

~ See beyond your limited identity

~ Take your already amazing gifts & talents to the next level


If you apply yourself during the course, you will:

    Master EVERY aspect of your life
    Build a strong spiritual foundation & routine
    Overcome new-age hype & finally heal yourself
    Deepen your understanding of Self and others
    Create joyful momentum
    Be Self-empowered & Self-Reliant



You feel it in your soul: You want more out of life – and that you are destined for it. It’s time.


Instructor: Shri Krishna Kalesh

As a loving spiritual master, personal guide, clairvoyant, empath, and mystic, Shri Krishna has served thousands of earnest seekers by guiding them through their challenges toward Self-mastery.

He draws from ancient teachings that he studied at the feel of enlightened masters. His teachings and guidance help spiritually-minded souls connected with their vast, expanded inner Selves to navigate any situation, transcend any circumstance, and liberate in every moment.

The Shankara training draws from Eastern spiritual traditions and modalities that he has practiced and taught for many years. It will nourish, uplift, and empower you, unveiling pathways to profound transformation and healing.

Course to begin near to the time of The Shankara Oracle System delivery in late September 2023.

Purchase of The Complete Shankara Oracle System is required.


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