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The Shankara Liberation Bundle: Illuminating Offer

The divinely inspired Liberation Bundle includes The Complete Shankara Oracle System, the divine Shankara Altar Cloth with Amma’s mantra, and The Shankara 7 Gemstone Starter Packet PLUS the Shankara sandalwood mala & Shankara divination travel mat. The Shankara Oracle System includes 4 oracle decks (over 300 cards), a profound and colorful divination board, a question cube, 18 sacred gemstones (polished black obsidian), and 2 comprehensive guidebooks.

Step into a realm where the mystical weaves through the very fabric of reality, inviting you on a voyage that transcends the mundane, with our exquisitely curated Shankara Oracle Ensemble. This collection is not merely an offering but a vessel for celestial navigation, a beacon that lights the path to the hidden corridors of the cosmos and the sacred chambers of your soul.

Central to this enchanting ensemble is the Shankara Oracle System, a constellation of divination tools that serves as your celestial compass. Each card is imbued with the essence of the infinite, a sacred key unlocking the mysteries of the universe, guiding you toward enlightenment, and echoing the timeless wisdom of the ancients through the silence of the stars.

Shroud your sanctum in the ethereal veil of the Shankara Altar Cloth, blessed with a potent mantra. This sacred tapestry is more than mere fabric; it’s a cosmic canvas that captures the essence of the universe, transforming your sacred enclave into a portal where the divine dance of divination unfolds under the watchful eyes of the cosmos.

The voyage of discovery is adorned with the Shankara 7 Gemstone Starter Packet, celestial sentinels chosen for their unique vibrational frequencies. These gemstones are your luminous guides on this mystical journey, each one a beacon of light, illuminating the path to your highest self with their radiant energy.

Enhance your journey with the Shankara Divination Board Travel Mat, a durable, celestial map designed to accompany you wherever your path leads. This travel mat is your mobile altar, a sacred space that rolls out to reveal a universe waiting to be explored, ensuring that no matter where you find yourself, you are never far from the wisdom of the stars.

Complete your sacred collection with the Shankara Mala, a string of 108 sandalwood beads, each one a vessel of tranquility and spiritual resonance. This mala is a bridge to the divine, a tool for meditation and chanting that harmonizes your essence with the vibrations of the universe, guiding you through mantras that echo in the chambers of the cosmos, drawing you closer to the heart of all existence.

The Shankara Oracle Ensemble is a call to those who hear the whispers of the universe, to the seekers of mysteries, to the guardians of the ancient path. It is an invitation to embark on a journey not just of self-discovery but of cosmic communion. Let this magical collection be your guide to the celestial realms, a journey where every step is an exploration of the boundless and every breath a chant of the infinite. Welcome, traveler, to a journey where magic breathes and the universe whispers your name.


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