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Journey into the depths of yourself

The Shankara Oracle is a tool for profound self-exploration. Designed to guide you on your spiritual journey, help you heal your emotions and mind, connect you with your inner wisdom, and awaken you to your divine potential.

It is the perfect way to begin exploring your intuitive gifts or deepen your existing practice.

Shankara merges ancient wisdom with modern intuition, combining Oracle Cards, a Divination Board, Oracle Stones, Astrology, Numerology, and more. The guidance of Shankara will help you heal and elevate your consciousness.

The Shankara Oracle Includes:

Divination Board

Source guidance and explore ancient spiritual wisdom with the Shankara divination board.

4 Oracle Card Decks

Discover yourself with 4 unique decks
created to help you connect deeply and discover your true nature: Alchemy, Master, Release, and Sacred Action.

18 Oracle Stones

Insight and guidance to align you with your
true nature and Dharmic living.

Shakti’s Cube

Determine the force, energy, and flow of an aspect of your life with this divination die that summons the divine, cosmic feminine energy.

The Book of Meanings

Dive deep into the profound and detailed guidebook, rich with loving, encouraging, ancient teachings and Sanskrit mantras to help you uplift your life.

Setup & Play Booklet

Get started with easy-to-read instructions and tips, helping you take full advantage of the mysteries and divine nature of The Shankara oracle.

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You have to heal something to change your vibration, uplevel your frequency, improve your luck, and therefore improve the number of opportunities and all the goodness that should be coming your way.

Through Shankara reading sessions, you are raising your vibration to attract the most healed life, the most abundant life, and the highest potential for your Self and those around you.

The Shankara oracle decks were specifically created to guide you to:

Release limiting beliefs and emotions

Show you how to raise your vibration in your circumstances to improve your reality

Master your mind and circumstances

Free yourself from the past – and all that binds you

The Shankara oracle board and oracle stones are rich with guidance from ancient Eastern spiritual traditions

Specific words that point you toward fundamental and important aspects of life and soul journey
Numbers to help you understand the vibration of your pursuits and energy
Vedic astrology insights into the pathways of your life and soul
Angels, deities & natural elements

Connect Deeply With Yourself and Others

Each reading or session with Shankara is an opportunity to dive deeply into your spirituality, explore your inner truth, and source answers for healing, expansion and transcendence.

Shankara is perfect for prayerful discovery sessions (Satsang) on your own or with loved ones. It’s wonderful for individuals, couples, friends, clients, and groups.

The guidebook for Shankara holds teachings rooted in ancient spirituality and divination methods. It includes mantras and principles for living a pure, authentic, and Dharmic life.

The oracle stones, oracle board, cards, and divination board work together to help you dive deeply, bringing you answers rooted in Dharmic and Vedic teachings.

The 18 Oracle Stones are made from polished black obsidian, with a channeled symbol on one side and arrows on the others.

Each of the Alchemy, Master and Release decks includes 65 cards with a detailed message with guidance from ancient and modern living & healing wisdom

The fourth deck, the Sacred Action cards, includes 113 cards with daily guidance for inspired action to help you live in alignment with your Dharma.

Shakti’s Cube, a unique divination die, will reveal guidance around probability and flow. Arrows on each side will also point you toward specific symbols on the board.

A Note From the Creator of Shankara

Shankara is for all walks of life, all belief systems, and every religion. I created The Shankara Oracle to help you reduce the possibility of pain and separateness, and achieve your full potential.

Whether you are looking for answers for your Self, loved ones, or clients, Shankara’s wisdom, insight, and guidance await. Shankara will help you transform your life, helping you engineer an inner strength and awareness so that you can truly and deeply know your Self. Whether you’re new to the healing arts and intuitive practices or have embarked on a journey of ten thousand suns, Shankara’s depth and richness will resonate with you.

You deserve to live this life full and whole and holy. You are a heavenly body – a divine Being, a living Star. With the purest intentions and most loving actions, we can alchemize a more beautiful, healed, and heavenly life into existence. You are everything God has to offer – and you are capable of becoming as divine as you wish.

Get ready to embark on a profound journey with Shankara, where the magic of divination meets the wisdom of your soul.

Connect, Love, Awaken

Shankara was created to help you on your inner journey of healing, expansion and self-mastery. With its tools and guidance, Shankara will help you hone your intuition and clairsentience. When you work with Shankara, you are the master, the shaman, the high priestess.

Cast the oracle stones on the board, follow the arrows & symbols, and discover the guidance meant for you.

Lovely Video Shoutouts From Our Satisfied Healers

Multiple Divination Tools & Mystical Traditions

Angels & Spirits

Astrology & Numerology

Beloved Deities

The Four Elements

Animal Symbolism

Vedic Teachings

Spiritual Technologies

The Dharma

A Beautiful Oracle Board

Four Oracle Decks

Over 300 Oracle Cards

18 Oracle Stones

A Mystical Divination Die

Two In-Depth Booklets


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