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Thank you for being with us on the ultimate healing journey.
Are you ready to pay it forward?

To grow The Shankara mission,
we need your loving support.

Shankara is far more than an oracle board.
It was built on pure love and light – and these enduring beliefs:

Every Being is loved for all time, endowed with unlimited potential.
Every soul can source divine answers to create an abundant life.
Every person can journey into their depths and heal the roots of their pain.
Every soul can inquire within to dissolve their misconceptions.
Every Being can transcend illusion, and live nestled in The Divine.

Bless the global consciousness with light and love!

Pay It Forward!

We hope to bring Shankara to everyone – especially those who struggle financially.
Express your love for humanity and help us share The Shankara Oracle with EVERYONE!

Every $100 you gift, discounts 1 Shankara Oracle.

Every $1000 discounts 4 Shankara Master Trainings.

Every $5000 discounts sixty Shankara Oracles & much more.

May The Divine, The Universe, God,
& The Eternal Consciousness Bless You!
May You, Those You Love & All Beings
In Every Realm, BE HAPPY!

Love and Deep Gratitude,

Shri Krishna Kalesh & The Shankara Experience Team

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